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At KONE, we are proud to support customers every step of the way, helping our clients manage smooth traffic flow throughout your buildings. Below are some helpful answers to common questions about equipment maintenance and how to find out about current and upcoming maintenance work.

  • Our KONE Online web portal and KONE Mobile app give you and your elevator service team round-the-clock access to performance, maintenance, breakdown, and repair data for all your equipment. KONE monitoring solutions are ideal for facilities management, enabling you to monitor all your equipment and elevator services in one single location. Configure the display to meet your building needs, monitoring real-time traffic online.

  • You can check your equipment's status via KONE Online or KONE Mobile elevator service. If your equipment is covered by KONE 24/7 Connected Services, you will be able to see if we are already working on fixing the problem. You can make a service repair request or report an incident by calling us or contacting us directly from KONE Online or KONE Mobile. KONE's repair solutions ensure safer buildings and better places to live, work, and commute. Get your elevator back up and running as soon as possible with KONE-connected elevator services reducing repair time while improving reliability and safety. Even better, there should be no need to wait for your equipment to break down or stop working. Our online solutions predict possible issues, and the condition of your building's elevator services. Meaning you can manage your equipment over its life cycle, which ensures fewer or no breakdowns, resolving potential problems before they occur.

  • KONE Online or KONE Mobile elevator service will show you all upcoming and past maintenance visits for all the equipment we repair and maintain for you. With the use of AI-powered predictive maintenance, KONE not only maximizes the uptime of your elevator service but also prolongs elevator life. Providing 24/7 customer services support and repair insights and reducing elevator faults by 40%.

  • To substantially reduce the risk of elevator service and equipment breakdowns regularly and intelligent equipment inspection and maintenance programs, including preventative and predictive maintenance, are vital. With KONE 24/7 Connected Services, we can better predict, maintain, and take action before something breaks down. Using real-time data, KONE solves problems before they occur, improving elevator services' performance, reliability, and safety. Elevator sensors gather information on usage, movement, speed, etc. After intelligent algorithms compare data of KONE units, the systems efficiently identify issues and then pass on this information to KONE data analysts and technicians to evaluate your elevator services and systems.
    Contact your local KONE representative to find out more.

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