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Why modernize your elevator?

Ensure the safety and efficiency of your elevator throughout its lifecycle.

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Prepare your elevator for the future

Future proof your building so that its ready to evolve quickly and effectively to the changing needs of tenants.

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Up to 70% energy savings

Modernizing your elevators can deliver energy savings of up to 70%. Our modernization solutions range from retrofitting LED lights to installing a completely new elevator with energy-regeneration technology.

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Up to 90% more energy efficient

We're constantly working to improve the energy-efficiency of our products and services. Our current machine room-less elevator is up to 90% more efficient than our elevators from the 90's


Choose a service that suits you

Flexible modernization services

Care for your elevator throughout its lifetime


Full elevator replacement

With full replacement we completely remove your old elevator and install a brand new one in your building’s existing shaft.


Modular modernization

Modular modernization puts you in control, allowing you to pick and choose elevator upgrades as required.


Component upgrades

Component upgrades are a quick and cost-effective way to make small but valuable improvements to your elevator.


Project management

Industry-leading project management and excecution ensures installation runs safely and smoothly


Why modernize, how it brings benefits, when is the right time to do it, and what does this operation implies? These are just a few of the questions addressed.

  • Frequent breakdowns and recurring out-of-service incidents signal a need for more than just modernization; replacing the elevator entirely becomes a prudent consideration. Likewise, if safety regulations have significantly evolved beyond the capabilities of the installed system, modernization efforts may prove insufficient, necessitating complete elevator replacement.

  • What is included in the modernization package depends on the needs and specifics of the building, as well as the expectations of the owner or property manager.

    Let's discuss it on the basis of the MONOSPACE UPGRADE® DX. It includes the replacement of the control system with KONE KCE and the replacement of all wiring. The upgraded lift gains a precise cabin leveling system, a new voice communication system and a cabin door light curtain. The inverter, safety contacts, control panel in the cabin, stop signaling and LED shaft lighting are also subject to modernization.

    Therefore, the modernization of KONE elevators means not only a longer service life of the solutions and high comfort of use, but also greater safety.

  • KONE's experts have developed two solutions which can be applied to existing elevator shafts. KONE NanoSpace™ is dedicated to residential buildings; It improves ineffective and uncomfortable systems. The KONE MonoSpace®, on the other hand, is a variant for buildings with a higher flow of people – reliable and smooth regardless of the frequency of journeys.

  • We are discussing whether to change the building's purpose, the need to comply with standards, or perhaps the necessity of creating a barrier-free environment? KONE not only deals with elevator modernization but also their implementation - often in very demanding investments. Our specialists also build elevators where there is no space for a typical lift.

    Depending on the type of building, alternative locations for elevators are found even where a lift was not initially planned.

  • Refreshing the design of your elevator can enhance the aesthetics of your building's interior, creating a more modern and appealing environment for tenants and visitors.

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