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Bring your design vision to life and create an elevator experience that helps your building connect with people and make a lasting impression.

Our mission is to help you design an elevator that improves the flow of urban life. Enhanced elevator cabs and people flow means making cities better places to live by helping people to move around safely and smoothly. Modern commercial elevator design creates an elevator cab interior, and an experience that plays a huge role in creating the people flow experience that users demand – and that your building deserves.


Human insight-driven elevator design

People are the lifeblood of buildings, so our elevator cab design philosophy and our commercial elevator design services are based on a human insight-driven approach that takes the whole elevator experience into account to make sure it connects on every level – from the visual to the emotional, and everything in between.

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At KONE, we put people first. We believe that we can make cities better places to live by focusing on inspiring experiences that are based on the needs and insights of real people. – Timo Tiainen, Director, Concepts and Design

Digital enabled elevator design for an ever-evolving experience

Our elevator design services give you the freedom to explore modern elevator cab design fully. Paint walls with light to create just the right mood, engage passengers with eye-catching full-wall commercial ads and rolling social media updates, and enrich the elevator cabs' interior experience even further with sounds to match. KONE is committed to sustainable and energy-efficient elevator cabs, including walls and ceiling light solutions. We offer a range of custom lighting options, including panel light designs for unique elevator cabs. Offering users excellent comfort while travelling in our elevator cabs, including in a commercial setting is one of our many quality standards.

Subtle, adaptable patterns

Modern elevator cab design and our extensive pattern selection are adaptable and functional, helping you create a subtle yet impactful elevator interior design finish that fits your building perfectly while also making your cabs easy to clean and maintain.

Custom elevator cab walls with imaginative designs and styles while remaining user-friendly for commercial use. Whether for a new elevator project or upgrades and modernization of an existing elevator cab, our custom and unique elevator panels and finishes will make a lasting impression on building users. KONE offers custom design for elevator cab ceilings and walls, with both standard and customizable panel styles finished to the highest standard.

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Versatile color and material palette

Design an elevator that suits you. Based on extensive research and close collaboration with customers, we've created a color and material palette that makes it as easy as possible to find a combination that fits your elevator design standard and vision perfectly. KONE has considered a variety of building needs, commercial or domestic, and offers elevator cab styles that are far from standard but are a custom fit for your specific elevator cab needs.


Award-winning elevator design

The design of KONE DX Class elevators have won four awards in the renowned Red Dot Award: Product Design 2020 competition. The KONE DX Class elevator interior collection and the KONE DX Class digital experience elevator concept were awarded for their outstanding design features, innovativeness and smart elements.

Experience our car design in 360 view

Inspire and delight with new car designs

Inspire and delight with new car designs

Faster elevator cab interior design. Check out our ready-made elevator car designs or create your own unique interior by combining materials, lighting, and accessories for walls, panesl and ceiling designs. Bring your elevator design vision to life with 3D modeling and more with the KONE Car Designer. KONE allows you to finish your elevator cabs to the highest standard with stunning designs. We take into account energy and power consumption when helping you choose the style, and your custom elevator cab finish.

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Functional, durable materials

Create a healthy and hygienic car interior that’s easier than ever to clean, maintain, and keep looking good with our new range of innovative materials, including smart-surface laminates and anti-stain and anti-microscratch surfaces

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