Elevator - Elevator Installation

Elevator - Elevator Installation

Elevator - Elevator Installation

KONE DX Class elevators

Differentiate your offering, increase the value of the property, and deliver the best user experience with an intelligent elevator solution. We have carefully considered how our design solutions make the users' lives richer and more intelligent with built-in connectivity. Our KONE DX class elevators are designed and tailor-made for residential, commercial, and retail buildings, making them better spaces for living and working. Rapid urbanisation means that 50% of our population now live in built-up urban settings. With the ever-increasing need for sustainable building and repair practices, our technology enables us to meet these challenges. Meet future needs and increase the value of your property with our world-class elevator service.

Elevator - Elevator Installation

Elevator - Elevator Installation

Calculate construction time saved today

Calculate construction time saved today

Arrive at project completion weeks, or even months, earlier. Want to find out how much time you could save? Submit your project details and get an estimate today.

Types of elevators to choose from

See our future-proof elevators with built-in connectivity for improved people and material flow.

KONE MonoSpace® DX

Versatile machine room-less passenger elevators for low and mid-rise residential and commercial buildings. An elevator designed to save energy and reduce your carbon footprint. Future-proofed with new cloud connectivity solutions.

  • MAX. TRAVEL 90 m
  • MAX. LOAD 33 persons
  • MAX. SPEED 3.0 m/s

KONE MiniSpace™ DX

High-speed passenger elevators with a compact machine room for high-rise buildings. Designed not only with speed in mind, MiniSpace DX also gives you a wide range of stylish materials and signalisation options.

  • MAX. TRAVEL 210 m
  • MAX. LOAD 26 persons
  • MAX. SPEED 4.0 m/s

KONE TranSys™ DX

Choose from our adaptable and durable freight elevators and passenger elevators for public transport, retail, and hospital buildings. The TranSys™ DX elevator is designed for the most demanding commercial environments, from warehouses to busy shopping centres, and is built for power while maintaining top quality style and design.

  • MAX. TRAVEL 40 m
  • MAX. LOAD 5,000 kg
  • MAX. SPEED 1.6 m/s

Plan and design your elevator today

Free, easy-to-use planning tools for different elevators to help you create elevators that match your unique needs. The KONE elevator planner is the ideal tool for building planners, facility managers, consultants, and architects. Within minutes, you can input the necessary information and have a plan. The elevator planner is part of the KONE commercial elevator service. Our elevator planner is a self-service intuitive design tool. Start by choosing your specific location, and then start to plan the lift configuration and shaft dimensions. You are then given a choice of the top KONE elevator company products. All specifications and configurations are easily adapted to your needs. KONE provides you with detailed information on product specifications. It takes only a few minutes to plan and download your elevator drawing. With the KONE elevator planner, you can also choose the option to upload an existing configuration. Modify your technical configuration values by simply reloading your previously configured elevator. <Our planning tools will save your time and help you choose the right solutions, whether for repair work or new construction. Our next-generation tools use the best technology for future planning down to the smallest detail.

KONE Car Designer

Create your own unique elevator car interior by combining materials, lighting, and accessories, and then bring your vision to life with 3D modelling with this digital design tool.

Use cases for KONE DX Class elevators


Residential elevators

KONE offers innovative smart elevators for residential buildings. Our residential elevators can be built with smart tech options that make people's everyday lives easier.


Commercial elevators

The KONE DX experience is also available for commercial elevators. Customize the lighting and add smart building solutions that enhance the user experience of your building.


Service elevators

KONE DX Class freight elevators and service elevators offer smart building solutions like built-in cloud connectivity. Get elevators with exceptional load capacity and future-proof your building.

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