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Why choose KONE escalators?

Escalators you can rely on

Safety is the starting point for every KONE travelator and first conforms to all local and international safety codes. Eco-efficiency, flexible design and a high focus on safety are the building blocks of our different types of escalators. We offer autowalks and moving walkways for large spaces, and we also provide escalators or stairs for more specific use cases like travelators and airport escalators. We not only offer the standard safety for escalators but also offer extra safety measures for your peace of mind, such as audible alarms, fall-prevention barriers, alarm for travel direction, and signalisation solutions.

World-class service

KONE offers services and support for every step of your project - from designing escalators to construction. We are a leading global escalator provider, with services available in 60 countries. We are dedicated to the highest quality service to our 550,000 customers worldwide. Our team of 60,000 highly trained and qualified employees will help you design the highest quality visual designs for escalators, travelators, and moving stairs for both indoor and outdoor use

Energy Efficiency

Our stairs or escalator systems are designed with the highest performance in energy efficiency in mind. Our commercial escalators are designed with long-lasting LED lighting, 80% more efficient than average fluorescent lighting and last much longer. Our escalators run with minimum energy consumption at full speed. KONE is conscious of the impact of all products on the environment, whether for use in a new build or upgrades such as modernisation and renovations, and are committed to minimal environmental impact.

Escalator solutions

Product name
Maximum rise
KONE TransVario direct drive available
24/7 Connected Services available
Energy-efficiency class
TravelMaster 110
EscalatorCommercial, retail, hotel, office, multi-use, stadium, medical
13 m
0.5 m/s30°, 35°
TravelMaster™ 110TYesA+++
TravelMaster 115
Inclined autowalkCommercial, retail, hotel, office, multi-use, stadium, medical
7 m
0.5 m/s
10°, 12°

TransitMaster 120
15 m
0.5, 0.65, 0.75 m/s27.3°, 30°, 35°TransitMaster™ 120TYes
TransitMaster 140
35 m
0.5, 0.65, 0.75 m/s27.3°, 30°TransitMaster™ 140TYesA+++
TransitMaster 165
Horizontal autowalkInfrastructure
100 m length
0.5, 0.65, 0.75 m/s


Explore the possibilities with our escalator planning tools

Plan to the finest detail for your escalator needs, whatever your building type, retail, hotel, office, medical building, etc. - download CAD and BIM files and equipment specifications and bring your stairs design to life in 3D. Our planning tools mean you can design, adapt and tailor your escalator to meet your specific building needs. Explore the comprehensive configuration and specifications.

The KONE escalator planner is easy to navigate. First, choose your project country and select your building type from our comprehensive list. You are then provided with the most suitable products for your building type and project, which you can configure to your unique parameters for the best product application. Download your drawings, guides and brochures and bring your escalator specifications to life. You can even use the planning tool for the most challenging building projects, such as a train station, bus station or metro. Save valuable time on project planning with our modern, intuitive tools. Our planner is an invaluable tool for architects who want to bring building designs to life, including escalator planning.

Escalator configuration is fast and easy with the right tools

KONE has made the configuration and selection of equipment for your autowalk as straightforward as possible with the escalator planner, along with other tools like our escalator and autowalk planning guide. Although we have standardised many of these characteristics in our ranges of commercial escalators and inclined autowalk, we also help you with less standard building requirements and make recommendations for individual building types and needs. Our goal is to ensure that your escalators and autowalks are correctly configured to optimise the required flow of people through the building.

We have set out each escalator or autowalk component and technical characteristics. Many of these characteristics - such as speed, step width, inclination and vertical rise are available in various specifications. Our range of escalators and autowalks can be tailored to a wide range of requirements while holding to the highest standard of autowalk safety, with features that include comb plate impact device switches and emergency stop buttons for passengers. For example, the KONE TravelMaster 110 has been optimised for both indoor and outdoor environments. If you plan for the most demanding environment, such as an airport, the Transit Master 165 is a heavy-duty autowalk designed for the most demanding traffic conditions. You can use the form below to tell us more about how we can help you. Our team will be in touch as soon as possible.



Escalator Planner

Escalator Planner helps you select the right product as well as create detailed specifications, BIM equipment models and CAD drawings for preliminary planning.

Services and support

img_illustrations_Project planning


  • Consultation for creating the optimal people flow for your building
  • Easy-to-use online planning tools for CAD drawings and escalator specifications
  • Energy consumption calculations


  • Professional project management
  • Proven, efficient and safe installation methods
  • Full quality assurance with handover


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