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Well-being matters

More than ever, consumers and building users are more conscious about safe and sanitary clean spaces, especially where they live and work. That is where smart technology comes in handy. For KONE, safe and clean environments are and will continue to be a priority. KONE's expertise in building management systems includes people flow planning, and a suite of health and well-being solutions, which help customers rethink user journeys and usage of their buildings and get ready for a new reality through smart building technology systems.

KONE helps you stay safe

Thanks to smart technology, the way people interact with everyday environments is set to change. KONE's people flow management, together with its range of health and well-being solutions, will help recreate safer user journeys and healthy spaces in smart buildings. Our smart safety technology includes chemical-free cleaning and air-purifying devices and systems.

Keep equipment running and safe

Minimize equipment downtime, improve sustainability with predictive maintenance, and create a smoother and safer people flow with KONE's planning and consulting services, designed to suit different customer needs. KONE provides seamless people flow planning management through smart building design by analyzing data and working closely with consumers to help achieve the fullest potential of their buildings.

Reduce the need to touch surfaces

KONE's smart innovative touchless solutions enable contactless and efficient journeys. Utilizing automation and contactless technologies creates effortless navigation with less time spent in elevators and no bottlenecks providing an improved energy-efficient experience.

Help prevent the spread of disease

KONE's cleaning and disinfecting solutions and services will help purify the air and keep equipment clean. KONE elevator cab internet-based smart technology network and management continue to improve and reduce airborne bacteria and the spread of viruses.

Contribute to healthier a environment

With KONE's solutions and services, you can share information in real-time, schedule maintenance visits in advance, remind users about physical distancing, and improve overall building security. At KONE, we continue to support energy efficiency and green transportation with smart technology systems. This includes using healthy materials to help reduce energy consumption and the carbon footprint of buildings.

KONE’s people flow knowledge and expertise, at your service


Best practices and guidelines

KONE's best practices and guidelines, with segment-specific examples, in people flow planning, will support customers in ensuring business continuity. We publish data on the environmental impact of our technology and are proud to contribute to developing and improving sustainable global energy management standards.


Turning data into insights

Looking to ensure a safe and smooth re-entry into workplaces? KONE's customized elevator traffic data analysis, people flow report, and a portfolio of health and well-being solutions will help customers to get prepared for the new normal. Our safety recommendations are based on accurate senor data accumulated from real-world events and situations and are ideal for smart building management.


KONE People Flow Planning and Consulting

To help customers manage restricted traffic and optimize user journeys in offices and commercial buildings, KONE's People Flow Planning and Consulting service provides recommendations that support these buildings gradually to be opened safely. KONE'S dedicated experts take solid data to create optimized people-flow and smart buildings design systems.

Keep your critical equipment running 24/7

Keep your critical equipment running 24/7

Increase the uptime of your building systems and equipment with the power of predictive maintenance to identify potential issues and fix them before they occur. Smart buildings intelligently predict maintenance for elevators managed with cloud and artificial intelligence-based analytics make smarter maintenance decisions that manage people flow to the highest level.

Solutions for every need

KONE's innovative health and well-being solutions for elevators, escalators, and doors are designed to make people's journeys safe, clean, and smooth. Contact us for more smart buildings solutions that are best suited for your specific needs and requirements.


KONE Elevator Call

Enjoy a truly contact-free journey by avoiding buttons and surfaces while minimizing waiting time through automation. One of the key benefits of KONE smart buildings' touchless contact-free technology is that it eliminates needless physical contact with communal surfaces.


KONE Elevator AirPurifier

Experience improved elevator rides and cleaner air quality by reducing pollutants, germs, and odors. The air in the elevator is drawn into the cleaner by centrifuge technology. With UV light combined with a photocatalysis reaction, the air pollution and bacteria in the room are significantly reduced, giving consumers peace of mind to breathe easy with germ-free elevator rides with excellent ventilation and temperature regulation.


KONE Handrail Sanitizer for escalators

As the public grows increasingly conscientious about touching public and shared surfaces, including buttons and interfaces, KONE has reassessed its practices, emphasizing technology-based sanitary solutions and systems, including sensors. KONE's chemical-free UV-C cleaning solution uses ultraviolet light to reduce germs from the handrails and other surfaces.


KONE Care Maintenance services

KONE's solutions help you maintain physical distancing and improve communication by keeping you and the building users up to date. Visual guidelines help with traffic management by reducing exposure to germs and disease. KONE provides a cost-effective, flexible, and tailored maintenance management system for all elevator types keeping your building running safely and smoothly using the latest smart technologies to create smart buildings services.

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The services, products or solutions described here as KONE health and well-being solutions promote health and well-being. However, the solutions do not ensure that no diseases or infections will occur at premises where they are being used. KONE cannot be held liable for any infections or diseases occurring at such facilities or the resulting medical consequences.

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