KONE DX Class signalization

Accessible and user-friendly signalization

Put passengers in control with our modern, clear, accessible user interface options for any type of building. High-quality, user-friendly signalization plays a crucial role in ensuring smooth people flow in your building.


Fit-for-purpose options for every building

Whether you’re outfitting an entry-level residential building, high-end hotel, or medical facility our versatile, modern signalization range has everything you need to ensure clear guidance and make elevators as easy as possible for people to use.

It includes flush and surface-mounted devices with a huge variety of options to cater for every possible design vision and practical requirement, including vandal-resistant features and options to ensure elevators are accessible for the visually impaired.

Five signalization families to choose from


KSS 700

Built for today, ready for tomorrow – the flush-mounted KSS 700 signalization family for residential and commercial buildings is a revolution in elevator design. Its modular structure means you can swap out different elements – such as the face plate, display, and even buttons – to add new functionalities and create a unique look and feel.



Design freedom at its best – the KSS D signalization family for residential and commercial buildings is ideal when you want to give your elevators an eye-catching visual edge. It features a vast array of options for faceplate colors and finishes, including modern stainless steel and printed polycarbonate, as well as landing devices to match.


KSS 280

Modern durability – the KSS 280 signalization family is designed to provide simple, reliable guidance in low and medium-rise residential buildings. Available with a partial or full-height COP, it features a sleek, hardwearing stainless steel faceplate and clear LCD displays for the COP and landing devices.


KSS 140

Ready for anything – the KSS 140 vandal-resistant signalization family is designed for low and mid-rise buildings where the elevator equipment needs to be able to cope with tough challenges. Everything from the face plate to the buttons, displays, and even the screws, is designed to be vandal resistant. KSS 140 signalization complies with the EN81-71 (Cat 1) standard for vandal-resistant elevators

img_KONE DX signalization-KSS H_680x425


Accessible excellence – the horizontal COP improves elevator accessibility for wheelchair users and those with visual impairments. Installed alongside standard signalization inside the elevator car and accompanied by a handrail, the COP features extra-large buttons with tactile and braille markings, and is finished in durable stainless steel.

KONE Signalization Downloads

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